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Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots

Hello there my little sprouts!

I am so excited you're here!


I'm Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots and not only am I a storyteller, but I plant dreams for children too!

It's a wonderful job because I can help you grow and I'll teach you how we can make YOUR dreams grow, too! 

You will find me most of the time on my new and upcoming show on YouTube where I'll share lots of fun stories and we'll learn about so much together... 

A few of my favorite things that I'll share with you on my show is storytelling, exploring our community, and planting your dreams... and we'll have lots of laughs along the way!


You can catch me on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or maybe even at the local bookstore or your school!

If you'd like any of your special thoughts to be featured on my show, send a message to our Flower Box (our version of a mailbox)!

Your thoughts or stories may just be featured on my show for all to hear!

Can't wait to see you there!

Have a happy thought or story?
Send it to our Flowerbox!

It may just be featured in one of our shows on YouTube!
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