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Want Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots to
Read Your Book
on her show?

... but, stay tuned.
Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots is dusting off her book shelf.

Dear Children Author Friends!


If you have published a children's book that you'd like Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots to read on her show on YouTube and to share on her social media, then stick around and keep reading (since it's one of her favorite things to do) on how YOUR book could be featured!

Scroll below to read through some of the common questions you may have before submitting your children's book for approval.  

We apologize in advance, as we receive a lot of submissions to read through and not all are accepted. If your book is accepted, we'll reach out to you to let you know! We'll be sure to give you a date as well so you'll know when to share with your friends and family!

When you're ready to submit, click on the "Read My Book on Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots!" button below and submit a request!

How can I reach you to read my book on your show?

First, read through this entire page... mostly all of the information is here.

If you have more questions. send an email to:

If you're ready with all documents needed for Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots to read your children's book, click the button above that says:
"Read my Book on Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots!".

Fill out that form and include all documents requested! Let's grow!




How long do the children's books need to be?

Approximately 20-30 pages, but that's not set in stone. 

Send it our way and we'll let you know!

Should I provide an e-book, hard, OR soft copy of the book to you?

An e-book & either a Hard or Soft copy would be required!

We will only be accepting submissions that can include a hard-copy or soft-copy WITH their e-book.


This way, we can not only feature the book itself on our show, but we could also include your illustrations that really TELL your story to an audience.

Send us your e-book first and if your book is selected to be read, we'll reach out to you with information on how to send us your actual book.

If I send you a hard-copy or soft-copy of my book, would I get it back?

We truly believe in encouraging children to read and improving literacy. In order to do that, we often host "Giveaways" on our show.

Guess what the prize is... YOUR BOOK!

A very lucky child will be the proud owner of YOUR book! We encourage you to autograph your book with a special message and your name to make it even more special!

If a giveaway doesn't occur, we would be donating your book to a non-profit to help encourage children to read. 

If my book is featured on your show, can I tell my friends and family?

Absolutely! Once a submission is approved, we will reach out to you to so you will know the day we release our reading of your book!

Can I provide you a link where people can purchase my children's book after you read it on your show?

Yes! We want to support our community of children's authors and illustrators! We will include appropriate links where others can purchase your books on the same video we read your book!

We'll even encourage you to share your social media with us so we can share it with our audience! We want you to succeed and encourage children to read!

What do you need from me so I can submit my book cause this sounds like so much fun!

We're glad you think so! Here's what we'll need from you.

1. Written approval from you and your illustrator or your publisher allowing us to feature and read your book on our show.

Click on the "Approval Forms" button below to download the forms that you will need to be completed.

2. Prepare your e-book to be submitted in PDF format for us to read for approval. 

3. Once you've gathered the above information, click on
"Read My Book on Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots!" below.

This will take you to a quick and easy form to fill out. At the bottom of this form you will attach the written approval from you and your illustrator or publisher along with a PDF copy of your e-book.




If you need help with any additional questions, contact us at

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